Monday, June 24, 2013

A "postcard pretty" for you from my Etsy shoppe...
its larger if you click on the image.... 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another week gone by so quickly.... seven days since my last post although I do go to my blog every day and click on the animal rescue site so I can help feed and provide shelter to the sweethearts who need it.  It's really important... it doesn't cost you anything so please do that also for me and for them.  

We've had so much rain over the past week I think we'll be needing floaties or a boat soon.  My old Dozer dog gets very wet each time he goes outside so the inside of our house is smelling like wet dog.  Hubby hates the smell but I kind of like it and it reminds me of being back in Australia when the sheep would get the same smell of a newly washed very woolly sweater.  

I've been busy revamping my Etsy shoppe to include instant downloads for all purchases which should please so many of my customers. There's nothing like getting instant gratification and having the images you buy right onto your computer as soon as you click the button to buy.  It's great ...  plus the prices have been reduced and there's also a 20% discount if you use the coupon code mentioned in the right hand column of the blog here.   I'm thinking too of getting a newsletter up and running.... which would be sort of like a miniature blog sent out once a week or so. 

A pretty image for you today.... it was designed as a blog topper so if you need one of those grab it .......   :-)) ........   but of course you could add some words and make it into a greeting card or use if for anything you like.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is wonderful. Click on the image of the Eiffel Tower and
you'll see Paris from the top of it....

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I sure do love dogs...
look at these cute little guys .. so clever already.
My old Dozer dog is so smart its like talking to a person. He's having
some trouble now with his hind quarters but with his old mum
lifting him up we are doing okay.  I keep him in my prayers all
the time.
When you're tired ....gotta sleep....  lol

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lots of lovely lilac bushes around our little town. Even my very small garden is exploding with white and purple lilacs.  And the grass is growing whilst you watch it.  So quickly I mow the lawn and it needs to be done again in only 3 days time.
Two cards for you today  to add to your collection.