Friday, October 29, 2010

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apart from the security problems and other issues about FaceBook I don't like... I know I'm not a fan of it because its very weird indeed logging on and seeing photos of friends and of their friends ... who I knew very well back in Australia ... their photos now 12 years older and it feels like I've been in a time warp.   I guess if I ever went back .... they would only have me to look at and see how I too, have aged since leaving my little Tasmania to come live in Canada.  However.....  I would have them all to look at and the ratio of them and me looking at each other wouldn't be fair.  They could probably cope with just me being older but I would have to see them all looking so much different.  As much as I love them all ..........  it's not an easy task to remember how they used to be and how much younger we all were when I left.  It's kind of sad .... thinking of those who have died since I've been gone.  Remembering our nights out at social functions... and the most strange thing is seeing their children who were little babies or toddlers when I left and who now have their own Facebook pages and are teenagers.    I don't know that I would be brave enough to return for a visit... I would like them to remember me as I was ........  :-)  12 years is a long time ... unless I win the lottery and get a face lift, boob job, liposuction, and my diabetes completely disappears and I can lose more weight.  If any of you are reading this ... and I do happen to return for a visit.... be kind to me .... please.  :-)  Some days riding my bike like a mad woman around town isn't enough to keep me feeling and looking young.  Where have the years gone.  It's like someone waved a magic wand and we all grew old (er).....
Dentist visit today.....  I hate it .. I hate it...
I'm a real whimp when it comes to going to the dentist.
But my shopping trip yesterday was a bonus for me because I bought some make up and got a pretty free new watch.  It's lovely....  My shopping trips are very few and far between... about once every three months... so I always enjoy looking at the goodies.  This time it was Halloween costumes and candies and spooky things.   
I've added a new desktop wallpaper here for you ...  you can see it full size by clicking on the image and then saving it from there. (Well I don't think its one I've shared before but who knows.... my old brain isn't what it used to be... lol)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

love the spookiness
love the cobwebs
love the big black spider I have
love all the candy
love the costumes the kids wear
love the pumpkins

they all have so much fun.
I've never been trick or treating...
so sad

My beautiful Wilbur dog and I did go out the back door one night and knocked on the front door so hubby would give us some
Wilbur thought we were going for a walk so he was a bit disappointed.  He probably thought his mother was nuts .... the neighbours probably did too......
Well having to deal with updates and new versions of horrible windows 7 I am finding that my experience of having a new computer is becoming more and more tiresome on a daily basis.  Yesterday Microsoft told me I needed to update ... did that... and lo and behold now all my mail program, options, selections, viewing, attachements etc is like a mine field with all sorts of different ways of doing things ... most of which I'm not one bit interested in.   Logging in, sharing on Facebook or whatever isn't what I need to do each day just to read my mail.  Now I notice this afternoon in my groups that attachments like tag extras or a bunch of pretty images come in as very small thumbnails which I find hard to read and don't want there.   Ever since I've had the new computer .... about a month now.... every day brings more hassles and complications which I don't need nor want.   I'm not into the social networking thingy... my blog is enough for me...  I don't have a bunch of family members to send photos to every time I log in or press the send button ..... nor do I have a mobile phone ....  I can certainly live without having to text or phone everyone about every move I make every second of the day.

Yesterday I happened to change the colour of my three email accounts to distinguish them from my hubby's accounts.  Well this morning in my mailboxes I got a whole bunch of spam which obviously came from Microsoft who knew what I had done with the email accounts.  I even found an option today asking me did I want them to keep track of my emails .....(to monitor how well the system suits me). I don't think so .... !!!!!   Give us a break Microsoft.  When things work don't change them.   Now a simple task of reading one's emails each day is like writing a thesis.    I wish they would give everyone options of how or what they wanted their computer to work or do.. instead of foisting upon us all the gadgets and widgets and anything else they can think of if we were all computer nerds with nothing better to do than sit and figure stuff out all day just for the simplest of tasks to work.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

You are welcome to use the image opposite ... but please don't share it in any groups....

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did you notice I made the space between the lines a bit larger so it's easier to read the text of my blog.
Did you notice that Christmas is just eight weeks away.
Did you notice that spring has sprung downunder ... the Aussies are looking forward to their summer.
I noticed today that we have more snow on our mountains surrounding us.
I noticed that the USA is spending absolutely disgusting amounts of money on election campaigns.
I noticed that our trees around here are getting very bare and basic.  I miss their pretty green leaves..... I noticed that I seem to have a few more wrinkles.  I noticed the mud on our roads after the deluge of rain we've been having for a week or so.   I noticed that kids are getting excited about Halloween .. and our little grandson Connor is going to be a Ninja and beautiful little Hannie is going to be a vampire.  I hope they lock up my grand dog if there are fireworks happening. He'll be very scared.

Friday, October 22, 2010

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dentists... gosh I don't like them at all.  Since I was a little girl and had a car accident .... I've been regularly to the dentists for one thing or another.  I would rather go into hospital and have an operation than go to the dentist.  I don't know what it is but I can't stand them.  Some don't talk to you hardly .... other's talk too much ... some seem to be more gentle than others ... perhaps they know a bit more.   Can you guess I have an impending visit to the dentist.  Only good thing about it is that we now have a new one in our little Canadian timber town and I don't have to go one hour north (up Alaska way) ... or an hour south (down  Vancouver way) to have an appointment.  I can even ride my bike over to this one.  He's just about half a mile away from our little house.   I shall love that.  I won't have a lot of time to sit in the truck getting there ... thinking of the horrible things they do to you.   :-)    I hope he's a good one ..... I'm still scared even at 60 years old.  I still feel like that little girl who had a damaged mouth way back in 1966  when we crashed into the car in front of us after it stopped suddenly at the top of a hill......
National Public Radio fired Fox News contributor Juan Williams on Wednesday after a Monday night appearance in which Williams said that it makes him nervous to fly on airplanes with devout Muslims.
I can't believe what is happening lately in the USA. As much as I love the country they seem to have gone completely muslim mad and nobody can say or do anything detrimental to Muslims.  Williams spoke the truth .. its the same opinion that 70 percent of the USA population have about being somewhat apprehensive or scared even when they see Muslims getting onto planes and I sure know that I would not like to be on a plane with Muslims knowing what happened on 9.11.   Juan Williams has a good case here for suing the government funded radio for millions..  doesn't he have freedom of speech.  It has caused a fire storm around the internet and on tv with celebrities saying that the funding should be taken away from the NPR .......  and all seem to be on the side of Williams.  I don't know what is happening to the United States.  It's so sad when all their values are being eroded and changed.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I fiddled today on our older computer with the smaller screen so I could see the WhImsYDusT down the right hand side of my blog ...  gosh it all makes such a difference depending on what resolution you use.  It's a bit of an impossible task to get your blog or webpage etc to look how you would like people to see it when everyone uses different settings.  My large 23 inch screen is lovely but now it means my stationeries will have to be wider as well ....  and I'll have to get used to making larger desktop wallpapers and hoping that I can get this Windows 7 to do what I want it to do.  Oh well....  I guess that's what winter is for.  So I can sit back in the warmth of our little house and look out the window at the snow falling down.  Five or 6 months of it and by the time that's over I should be pretty familiar with all the new fangled things I need to know about my new computer.  :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two favourite characters passed away yesterday and today.   Barbara Billingsly played the mum in Leave it to Beaver.  And Tom Bosley who was the father in Happy Days.  I liked him better in Father Dowling Mysteries.  They sure brought me joy when I was younger back in Australia watching the shows in black and white.  Also Michael Douglas doesn't seem to have much time left. He looks dreadful in the recent photos.  He has cancer as does Kim Novak who played opposite James Stewart in a couple of films.  Vertigo was one of those films.  Anything directed by Alfred Hitchcock was fun to watch and always scared me.  God Bless Barbara and Tom for bringing the world much fun and enjoyment in their working days.  I always watch All in the Family starring Carrol O'Connor and he too....  brings me smiles each day as I watch the re-runs over and over....  Every time I see him he makes me laugh. They were all so talented.  Love you all ....

A desktop wallpaper for you... I like this one a lot.   Click on it to see it full size.

A very vintage scene it ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

In between riding my bike to the store, and watching some old movies on the telly today ... I finished the new collection at called "Cup Cuties".

Click on the image to see it full size as it shows on my website. Of course the original ones for sale are so much bigger.  I love these little girls.   So many pretty ways to use them in your creations. 

My favourite is to add them to desktop wallpapers amongst the flowers, frills and fancy things I find to create with.  Hop over to check them out ... they are only $6.99 and already uploaded to my website for buyers to download.

They are also included in the "All the Pretties" bundle on dvd which is a super low price.  It contains everything on my site for sale ...............  $25.99

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last night I watched .. yet again... for the umpteenth time ...  Murder She Said ... starring Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple.  It wasn't until then that I discovered that her real life husband was indeed the side kick in the film.   Actor Stringer Davis who played the part of the old fellow (very endearing) who helped her solve the crimes.  She is quite the character with her very old fashioned plain jane face and her "lumpy look" .... but a magnificent actress and a magnificent Miss Marple.   I hope old Santa this year brings me a Kindle ... so I can go online and download books to read and have the text the size I want and also purchase books for a minimum amount ....  I would love one of those gadgets. And anything by Agatha Christie (pictured here) .... or Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes) would be first on my list of downloaded books...  *(s)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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I was surprised to see how well all the miners looked as they brought them to the surface.  Then we found out that they had been provided with new clothes and many more "necessities" before they made their appearance. How thoughtful of the Chilean government to make sure they were cleaned up and looking and feeling good before meeting again with their loved ones and every eye around the world who was watching them.  They obviously thought of everything to make their transition perfect or as perfect as it could be ..... I looked at them all and their relatives and the workers and thought how pretty and good looking they all were.  There wasn't an ugly or plain looking person anywhere to be seen.  Just a reflection I guess on the beauty of the Chilean people.  I guess the miners had shaved, had hair cuts and washing facilities etc.... provided for them .............   so nice to see they all got out safely ..........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've been to the top of the Empire State Building and loved it.  But as I looked down at the streets of New York below me I got dizzy and wobbly and thought holey moley look at how small the cabs are.  They stretched out below me into the distance like long yellow ribbons....  we were up so high it was hard to believe how they even construct these buildings.  Now imagine two Empire States on top of one another ...  that's how deep down into the earth and rock these miners are in Chile. 

I sat up long past my bedtime last night watching television  as one after the other came up from their horrible living space for the past 70 days.  I think .. still now...they only have half of them rescued so it goes on......... So I'll watch again today as they get one after the other up that long distance of earth.  How scarey would that be.   Enclosed in a contraption like a coffin .. going up and up and up and not even straight up as it curves twice in its long journey into the daylight.

It was an emotional experience watching and praying that they would get to the surface safely and so far so good ....   one man had not seen his new baby yet... and I was most surprised to see how fit they were and how happy and exhuberant ..... as they climbed out of the chamber.  Quite an experience for us all to be part of history because it will be one of those times in our lives where we remember what we were doing and where we were when these guys were being rescued. It has never happened before on earth.  No miner has ever been rescued after this length of time underground.   God Bless them all.   I hope they'll be able to cope with their newly found fame and fortune.  Movie deals, books, tv appearances, etc. etc.... 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

32,000 marriages took place in the USA on the 10th October 2010   (10.10.10)  
And did you know that breast feeding can burn 500 calories a day.  *(s)
Some weird and wonderful facts I learned about over this Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  
And I'm waiting to hear on the news about the rescue of the miners trapped in Chile for over two months. They are going to start bringing them to the surface sometime this afternoon.   Weekend was pretty quite despite it being Thanksgiving.  I made myself a chocolate cake ..........  with snickers pieces on the top of the vanilla cream icing and cream in the middle.  Oh well...  !!!!!  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You can save the pretty lady in lace to add to your desktop wallpaper collection...
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Looks great on my big monitor.

10th October 2010
At least today I don't have to be confused about how I would write the date on something.  Usually I really have to stop and think about how I do that because in Australia we do it reversed.  We say 10th October and not October 10th... which is fine when its a date like today but confusing when it might be 11.8.10 or any other number when it could be read as November 8th or August 11th.  :-)  Confusing ....... aye!
I'm up early this morning... darn strong winds woke me up. I am scared when it's windy.  I hear noises from the shed behind our bedroom, the trees seem to make noises, gates creak, animals are restless ....  and of course voices in the dark don't help.  The neighbours were banging car doors and yelling in the yard .. obviously some guy was not happy that he could not find his fishing licence before they took off early in the darkness.   Now I'm wide awake and I think I'll have to turn the telly up and watch a  movie on Turner Classic movie channel to drown out the noise of the wind.  I'm such a wimp when the wind blows. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Has he got anyone left ....... another of Obama's advisers left this morning and last Friday Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel departed the White House scene.   Last month, Christina Romer stepped down as Obama's top economic adviser, and Larry Summers announced he would leave as director of the president's National Economic Council at the end of the year. Budget Director Peter Orszag left the administration in July. Dennis Blair resigned as the nation's intelligence director in May... and of course General McCrystal went as well.  I think its like rats deserting a sinking ship.  Very weird ... no wonder the country is in disaster mode with blokes in charge like these who obviously have no loyalty to the President ....  or is it the President shaking up the staff with new recruits in the light of his appalling popularity numbers.  

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A photo of my pretty new bag hubby bought for me the other day.  I love the colour and of course the big silver heart.  And a photo of my sweet little boys in frames on my dressing table ....who are in heaven and who I miss so much.  Wilbur came with me from Australia and my Old English Sheepdog Boswell died many years ago back in Tasmania.  I would like to think they are playing together in heaven. 

You can click on the photos to see them larger.

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Gorgeous Bears..  I adore them
I mentioned this one a while back but just love it and there might be some of you who haven't seen it.  The little bears are so sweet and it shows me that I could be walking past a sleeping bear in the snow and not even know they are there.   They surround us here in northern British Columbia.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A blog topper for you ... click to see it full size and save it from there.
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Pink is my favourite colour and I love its gentleness and chic look. 

gosh this is such a gorgeous bracelet. I would love it.  I don't know where I found the image but it obviously was for sale somewhere a long time ago.

As a lover of hearts .... I think its adorable. Anything with hearts is my favourite.  

My dear hubby bought me a pretty new grey sort of metallic look handbag the other day and it too.. has a big heart on it.  I'll take a photo and share it here soon. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From the December 1898 issue of The People’s Home Journal

Peanut Candy
One cupful molasses, two cupfuls sugar, one tablespoonful vinegar, one tablespoonful butter, and one teaspoonful vanilla. Boil ten minutes, or longer, if necessary, then pour over one cupful peanuts.

Two cupfuls granulated sugar, six tablespoonfuls boiling water. Boil three minutes, take off and stir in one tablespoonful pulverized sugar and eight drops of the oil (not essence) of peppermint. Beat until they become milky in appearance, then drop on a firm white paper as quickly as possible.

Maple Caramels
Two pounds of maple sugar, one-half cupful of ordinary sugar and one tablespoonful of water. When it comes to a boil, put in one pint of thick cream. Stir as little as possible. Let it boil until it will harden in water sufficient to be rolled into a soft ball. Take off and let stand three minutes, then beat until just thick enough to spread smoothly on a platter. When cool mark off with a knife. It is improved by adding nuts.

Chocolate Caramels
Two cupfuls of granulated sugar, one cupful of milk, butter the size of an egg, one teaspoonful of vanilla and one-quarter cake of chocolate. Put sugar, milk and butter together, add the chocolate after it has been melted. Cook until when dropped into water it can be formed into a soft ball, then remove from the stove, put in the vanilla, beat until it is a thick, smooth cream and turn out on a buttered platter. When partially cooled mark into squares.

Molasses Taffy
Two cupfuls of New Orleans molasses, two cupfuls of brown sugar and two tablespoonfuls of butter. Boil twenty minutes without stirring, or until it hardens when dropped into cold water. Just before removing from the stove, stir in a half teaspoonful of soda. Pour on buttered plates to cool, then make white by pulling.
This taffy rule can be used as a foundation for various compounds. Omit the butter, and stir in two cupfuls of black walnut, butternut and hickory-nut meats mixed, and you have a delicious nut candy. To make peanut candy, spread shelled and quartered peanuts on a buttered platter and pour the taffy over them. For popcorn balls, stir in gently as much popped corn as you can, then mould into form.

Meg Whitman Breaks California Campaign Spending Record
Wow... why is this allowed to be.
Why isn't there a cap on the amount of spending these people seeking political positions can use to get themselves elected. It's so false.  So unfair.  So corrupt even before they get elected that they can "buy" themselves a job.  Meg is the ebay CEO billionaire ....  The billionaire's campaign spent nearly $27 million in the first 11 weeks of the year and she's still spending.
Then there is Obama once again on the election campaign instead of doing his job as President and fixing whats wrong with his country.  When does this guy ever do any work.  He's addicted to being on the telly.
I think I could solve the economic situation in one sweep.  Bring back the jobs from overseas.  Bring back the employment that so many people lost when their jobs went to China, Pakistan, India and everywhere else on the planet except in the country where it was designed, invented, proto-typed or whatever.  These other countries are getting rich at the expense of the USA, makers, designers, architects, ordinary workers etc. They need their jobs back ..............  and the country would prosper.  There is nothing worse than phoning Microsoft or Dell computers or whoever and having to speak to a foreigner on the other end of the phone whom you can't understand and who has "been to school to learn how to sound American".    So annoying ...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sundays seem to be the day when my diet goes off the wagon... when I crave things I shouldn't have.  When I went to the diabetes educator last year she asked me was there any particular time that I craved anything special and I immediately said Sundays. :-)   No real reason I guess.  Maybe its because it always seems to be a quiet day with not much activity happening and that's when I watch my old Turner Classic Movie channel or read my book sometimes outside in the sun.   Get up late, take an afternoon nap, have cake with my cup of tea... all sorts of "treats" seem to be the order of the day on Sunday.  Watching the birds in the spring and the snow coming down in the winter ........  sometimes baking ... sometimes just doing entirely nothing.  Today is Sunday and I'm doing exactly that !!!!

Also a little bit sad because today I left one of my favourite yahoo groups.  It was a place where I shared my creations but sometimes the rudeness of people gets to you and it simply isn't worth the effort any more.  We all have things to deal with in our lives but that sure is not an excuse to be mean and nasty to anyone who is merely posting something pretty for those members to receive and use ............   Oh well!!!   I will still be sharing lots of my things in my own "Reflections of Hearts" group so join that one if you aren't already a member.  Lots of pretty things each day come from all the members and I'm pretty sure all of them are nice and kind to me and to each other.

A couple of cards for you to save if you wish....
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Already October...where do these months and years go to.  I think as we get older the time seems to fly by but when you are a kid in school you can't wait for the time to come so you can leave.  When you're a teenager going out you can't wait for Saturday to get there so you can go out and have some fun.  When you're working you can't wait till payday so you can get that money in your hands and go pay off that layby (lay a way) of the pretty dress you purchased... or buy that gorgeous new hand bag you have had your eye on for weeks.   But when you get older and married then the months start flying by when the time comes each 4 weeks to pay your mortgage or other things you might have on time payment.  Electricity bills, heating, fees of whatever kind .........  they all come much faster as you get older.   Well they don't really but they sure seem like they do.  Now in our stores we haven't even had Halloween and already there is Christmas decorations.  Then January comes and before we've had Valentines' Day in February they have the Easter eggs on display. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

A card for you to save if you wish... click to see it full size.   Gosh thinking of you takes on a new meaning for me after last nights adventure.  "The night was dark and stormy".... well not stormy but dark as pitch and I was asleep in my bed.  I heard a weird noise which woke me up.  It must have been scarey for the dog two doors down because he usually barks at things in the field behind us.

I got up and opened the back door and heard the howling of a wolf.  Well it might have been a coyote .... the pitch was high and his voice was so loud.  Quite beautiful really as I stood and listened a bit more before clapping my hands loudly and telling him to go home.  The noise was so close he might have just been down at the bird feeders or maybe in the field because the sound travels,  But what I noticed more was the quietness of everything around me... no dogs barking at it .......  maybe they were scared and thought they had better not say boo.   I wondered if it was a wolf or coyote mum looking for food for her babies... I love living in the woods but the sounds of wolves scare me too because I get saddened for what might happen to the other animals its obviously looking for.   But I won't forget that sound.  It was so close to me it was almost as if I could reach out and touch it.