Monday, November 30, 2009

Anything to do with Sherlock Holmes and now Jack the Ripper.... my Christmas came early yesterday when I went online and purchased... (at a bargain price) ... the game about them both. The Ripper has always fascinated me .. he was never caught so who was he. I've seen many shows speculating on the origin of the Ripper .. one being that he was a member of the Royal family... so who knows. Now I'll be able to help Sherlock find out who he is. I love it... *(s). I've already visited Sherlocks house, talked to Dr. Watson, and been to the Police Station in Whitechapel to see more of the documentation and to hear their thoughts on the crime. It is so involved and it will keep me busy up here in the long winter months. The graphics are wonderful,.... you can come out of the police station or Sherlock's boarding house at 221B Baker Street and turn corners ... you can walk down the streets in Sherlock's persona ..... you can get up close to women of the streets who inevitably will become the Ripper's next victim .... and you can turn the "camera" to look at the buildings, and into all sorts of corners. Great stuff !!!! And there are a lot more Sherlock adventures out there .... I've also got two more books coming to me from the online library ... and have just finished "Holmes for the Holidays" book which was great ... (stories from other authors depicting Homes and Watson's many Christmases together and more crimes to solve... ) ..............

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My cute little wooden santa I painted many, many years ago.
He's sitting on my printer here on my desk.
May as well spruce up the old office as well as the rest of the house prior to the real santas visit.....
Gosh these Christmases seem to be coming around faster each year.

I'm not sure if our 9 year old Hannah still believes in Santa or not. Last year I remember her saying that the guy in the mall ... the santa there to have your photo taken with .. "wasn't really Santa Claus.... and she wanted to meet the real one"...... so funny....
Who knows... living up here in the woods of northern Canada we aren't that far from the North Pole and I'm sure he flies over us on his way around the world ...... we might actually meet "the real one" of these days especially if his reindeer need a refuelling stop ...
Our little deer have returned already ... they must have remembered that they got spoiled last year with cracked corn and all things fruit and veggies ... I love these guys... and gals... I could watch them walk for hours. Standing on tippy toes like ballet dancers. And it wasn't until I saw them in real life that I realised their little heels don't touch the ground. Just gorgeous....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I decided to decorate for Christmas today so I've been busy putting up the tree, all covered in its new decorations we got on sale last year.... all white and copper coloured so that is something different for me. I usually stick with big red bows and gold... The snow is coming down and the little birds are in our yard gobbling up the seeds.... and we now have reindeer and a sleigh on our deck railing that will light up at night.
The tree has sparkling lights, the wreaths are on the doors and the snowman I painted which stands very tall has his usual position close to the tree. ~~~~~~
There are green vines of pine around the house, the big red stocking with its gold embroidery hangs from a peg on the wall, there are more snowmen all dressed in their finery ... very elegant .. also purchased on sale ... there are red poinsettas, and so much more ... the grands will love them especially little Connor who just recently turned two. He liked it enough last year but this time he'll be able to appreciate it a bit more I think. He'll be into it all, checking it out ... probably to see if there's any candy onboard. Nothing like decorating in December especially in the snow. Aussie christmases are hot and bothersome .....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Christmas Desktop for you ... from the goodies in my Retro Christmas Collection at Click on the image to see it full size... 1280 ... and you can install it or save it from there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you .... It is not a custom us Aussies have but since I've been here in Canada and have met so many of my online friends who are from the USA's been great discovering the celebration and learning all about it. I would love to be having some pecan pie today.... It's my favourite. Not so the turkey... I'll have something else. Have a wonderful day with your families and friends... stay safe ... and you can send me all the left over pecan pies you want to ... *(s)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just watched "Angels and Demons" the new film from the book by Dan Brown. It was good... then we also re-watched "The Da Vinci Code" ... it was even more interesting second time around. Makes you think.... makes you wonder about religion and the holy grail. I'm also looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes movie coming out on Christmas Day... starring Robert Downey Jr... although I'm not sure from the previews that I approve of his portrayal of the famous Baker Street resident. So much of the film seems to be far removed from the original story lines from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but I'll watch it for sure.. I love all the old vintage scenes, filled with sepia colours and wonderful clothing. I love those top hats, and pretty costumes. My favourite Sherlock Holmes of all time is Jeremy Brett......
Navy SEALs have secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges .... What is this all about. Poor blokes.... doing their job... heroes for capturing this guy who murdered the security guards now they are facing trials because the terrorist said he got bloody lip and a punch in the stomach. I give up!!!! Why are the terrorists gaining more ground day after day by these antics .... the legal system seems to always be on their side rather than on their own citizens side. What will this do to morale ... what will it do to future captures ...
It's a horrible sign of the times today. Just like the guys who were the masterminds of 9.11 being given the platform of having a trial in New York. One can only imagine the security costs ... and the painful recollections of the victims families ..... and then they'll be the guys who support the terrorists and who will be protesting or whatever. They will laugh in trial as they did last time ..... making fun of their victims..... I'm beginning to wonder why does any person join the armed forces... when the terrorists get treated better than they do ... they were simply doing their job. And who says this Blackwater murderer didn't punch himself just so he could get revenge on his captors. It's ridiculous and horrid. I will keep these good guys in my prayers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It seems like people are getting their shopping done for Christmas and already have their trees up in some stores. We have a nice little shoppe in town where you can go for coffee and I walked over there this morning... They had a very pretty tree and all red ribbons and lights. On the way past there I looked in the window of the hardware store and they had those pretty christmas trees that already come with lights on them.
I think that is the way to go... no more untangling bundles of wires and lights .. and then having to space them around the tree so they look nice. They come already looking wonderful.
As it is snowing today I looked out my window to the back yard and saw three beautiful deer.... into the corn in the feeder. They looked gorgeous with their heads covered in snow. I think they remember me from last year because I went down to refill the container and they just sort of stepped back a bit and watched every move I made... and I hadn't even got back to the deck steps and they were there again at the corn. I'm happy that I can help them. The winters here in northern Canada are bitterly cold. I'm sure they appreciate it and look forward to being spoiled.... *(s)

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm not the only one mumbling and grumbling about Martha's behaviour today. It seems its all over the blogosphere, the media, the entertainment shows and anyone else's show who wants to talk about her pathetic antics. The new Joy Behar show is another example of how the media scratches around to try and get whatever dirt they can on famous people or those who care for them. Joy of course is from "The View" and I once liked her as well but not over the past couple of years since she's turned into a vicious old bag. Oh I'm being nasty today... but gosh some of these media presenters ... talk show hosts.. or whatever ... can get down and dirty for no other reason than to gain ratings. What a bummer that is... and what about the Music Awards last night when Adam Lambert's song was more like a porno flick .... disgusting when young people are the ones who vote in American Idol and buy these music items...and who were watching. His act was filth ... go search it online if you missed it. I didn't watch it till I saw it on the so called "entertainment" shows this evening. I'm glad I went to bed early and read my book. The whole tv morality thing seems to have gone down the gurglar ........

"I wouldn't watch her if you paid me," Stewart told a TV interviewer on Monday.
Why not? "She's very boring to me," Stewart replied. "She's very boring and, to me, something of a dangerous person." How so?
"She's so confused," Stewart said.... and more worse than this.... !!!

What an old bag this Stewart is... Martha of course.. (did she forget that she is a convicted felon and should stick to her herb gardening - I guess stealing from stock holders and lying to prosecutors is the new good behavior) .... I used to think she was an okay gal but lately .. after her outburst about Rachel Ray and now today about Sarah Palin I think she needs to increase her medication or perhaps keep her trap shut. How anyone in the public eye and especially who relies on a tv audience and customers to purchase her books, and products.. can speak about anyone else like this is beyond my comprehension. Why on earth would you prattle on about someone you don't even know personally...and say horrible things about them. I like Sarah ... and she's got "em running scared in Washington. She's not even there yet ... but by golly I think she will be when the time counts. She's been subjected to the most criticism since Nixons days ... undeserved .. because she stands up for the rights of everyone and not the elite who think they are better than everyone else. Good on ya! Sarah .... I'll be buying no more of your products Martha... but wait there's more.... !!!! perhaps Sarah has out sold Martha's book .... and that's why she's being so nasty....Martha grow up.....

Spent some time today fixing up a new roof for our bird feeder.
It has been inundated with these little cuties... chickadees... and they aren't afraid of anything it seems... except the cats who frequent the yard. In the snow they zoom past while you stand there adding seed to the feeder. It's almost like they are saying hurry up ... *(s)... It's very cold out there and they sure do love our new seed filled with nuts and pieces of dried fruit. They are indeed getting spoilt. And the deer have already arrived. They are munching away on the corn ... its so wonderful to see them all.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Randolph Bresnik ---- don't know who he is.... *(s). He's an astronaut space walking today ... busy doing maintenance on the space station out there in no mans land. I am amazed that they are brave enough to do this. Hanging onto life by a thread ... oblivious perhaps to the surrounding nothingness of space. Looking down on the earth as it goes passed them .... but he's also waiting the birth of his daughter today. How magical is that. His new little girl is waiting to be born and her dad is up there in space ... Now that sure is something to talk about at her wedding..... what dad was doing on the day she was born. NASA have agreed not to tell him anything until his space walk is over. Can't blame them. He might want to do somersaults or something... Good luck to his new little girl ........ and to them all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

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Its in png format for your web based projects.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I havent read or seen any news today on the telly or internet so I can't do my usual ramblings about the government or how I feel about what is going on. One thing that does stick in my mind is the impending trial in New York for these terrorist blokes who were the masterminds of 9.11. I still can't believe it will happen in NY. Why the heck aren't they being tried in military courts as war criminals ..... because thats what they are. The way some trials turn out .. like OJ Simpsom for instance... nothing would surprise me. They might get off .. especially when the information gained from them from waterboarding is inadmissible....... what a joke...... nobody is going to hear what they said .. admitting they were the instigators and very proud to be doing it. Urgh!!! oh well I guess we'll see. It will take years for an outcome I guess. I do hope New York stays safe in the meantime because giving them a trial there is exactly what they want. More publicity for their cause.

Monday, November 16, 2009

We had snow all day today.. and this evening I went outside to see how much it had built up... took my camera with me and got a great photo of the little pine tree near our deck and the railing. Click on the image to see it full size.... and enjoy the beautiful, gorgeous, sparkles that were shining in the light from the front door. It was so pretty. I'll never get over the beauty of the snow. And to think that each little flake is different. They do indeed sparkle like someone has sprinkled the area with glitter.
Shuttle gone again today. Golly they sure do get up into space fast... eight minutes and they are in orbit. I love watching the launches and never get tired of seeing it all happen. Bless you guys... I hope all goes well for you and you return safely in 11 days time. Lots of work for you whilst you are up there....
My sweet grand dog ...Chewie ... I love the black patches on his tongue. Never seen a dog like that before.
when hubby visited his home over the weekend ... Chewie wanted desperately to come home with him to see me... I love being his grandma. Such a darling. He jumped up into the back of the truck... then when that didn't work... he got up into the front seat and sat behind the steering wheel. I guess he loved his long stay with us recently. He got spoiled and was much loved. I think he'll have to come for regular sleep-overs .. *(s) .... so we can both get our fix of smooching.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pretty new collections from All in pink.. you can see a wonderful larger sample image if you click on the picture sheets here.... and of course you can access the real pages at my site here... Its called Retro Pink.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The self proclaimed 9.11 terrorist... Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ... has now been brought to New York for a civilian trial. What a travesty. He killed thousands of people, and is a war criminal now he's going to benefit from all the USA legal system has to offer in his defense. It will go on for years. A civilian trial. It will cost a gigantic amount of money just for security .... and he'll be in court just a few blocks away from the twin towers site. Heartbreak all over again for those suffering the loss of loved ones.... having to go through this ..... he sat in his last court appearance and laughed at the people there. Obama has made the wrong decision in this have this happen. ~~~~~~~ God Bless the poor souls who perished on that day at the hands of this maniac who is now going to have the same legal rights as them.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I sure hope President Obama makes up his mind soon whether or not he's going to send more troops as requested to Afghanistan. He's got these experienced generals asking for more to help those already there.... nine "war council" meetings with all his people later.... and still no decision. I think he needs to send in the help as soon as possible.... if they are not in it to win it... then bring the poor guys home. You can't expect them to be there without more help if that's what their general has asked for. To me its like a bunch of firefighters having to go fight a fire ... and asking for more firefighters to battle the blaze. If the firemen don't go to it ... then walk away and let the building burn down. You can't do it half measure. People are dying while they wait................

Monday, November 9, 2009

Well I'm on the trail of Sherlock Holmes again. I finished the latest book discovery called Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula which was a rollicking adventure of an old sea sailing ship crashing onto rocks and having nothing but earth filled coffins on board ... plus the kidnapping of Dr. Watson's wife ....... great fun and mystery in that one.... and I've nearly finished another one called Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-Tide Mystery which has Holmes and Watson in a spooky old English manor home on Christmas Eve ... only to have a murder committed and other sinister things. (I love reading these).
Strangely though I've just discovered that many of these books are actually written by other authors than Conan Doyle. It seems every mystery writer on the planet has their hand in at least one of these cases... I was stunned that Sherlock seems to have been "taken over" by so many other authors. I guess the Conan Doyle estate gets royalties for using his famous characters ... And there are some great writers out there who are trying to and have successfully emulated Conan Doyle's mastery of the thrill and adventure of these two endearing characters of Holmes and Watson. I'm finding zillions of them on my online library site ... so I guess from now till I'm 100 years old or till my eyes give out on me ... I'll be firmly ensconsed in the clutches of villainry and mayhem ... set in Victorian England ......... *(s)........... I'll never run out of reading material ... lol....... loving it loving it loving it. I'm a Sherlock maniac .........

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You can click on the image here and see it in glorious large size....
It's from the Mega Bundle at ..
which is on sale now for Christmas giving.

I've been revamping my website ... there's a huge new collection called Bear Affair ... so if you are into cute little bears amongst the blooms ...... you might enjoy checking it out. You can click on the image to see it in a huge big size...
A few samples for you....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Awful happenings at Fort Hood ... 13 soldiers dead and many, many more wounded. I don't understand how the doctor was still on duty ... if he too, was in need of a doctor. He obviously had mental problems yet he was treating those people there for their problems. He was to be deployed at the end of the month to the war .... I guess we can be grateful that he didn't get to go over there and perhaps turn into a suicide bomber or attack the soldiers in some other way that might have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Awful for everyone involved. And to have it happen on USA soil is terrible. The news can be so sad and awful on any given day and sometimes I wonder why I watch it at all....
But then I don't even have to watch the news to hear bad stuff .... emails and phone calls can do the same thing......... :-((

Yesterday my friend in Australia lost her little grandson ... he was a mere 17 months old and died of a brain tumour. He will be a sweet little angel now ......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This handsome fellow is my grandog, Chewie. He's such a treasure and we are having a lot of fun whilst his family is away down south visiting .....~~He cries whilst I'm getting dressed thinking that he's going for a walk as soon as I put on the socks.... He is completely spoiled ..... *(s) .... loves my toast and Aussie vegemite.... comes to a deadstop whilst we are walking if he sees or hears a little blue vehicle like the one his family has ... tail wags, anticipation... NO, it's not them.~He loves to sleep up on the bed with grandma in the afternoon if we take a nap, and cries when grandpa leaves the room in case he's not coming back. He's a huge fellow but the biggest baby I've ever known. So funny .... I sure will miss him when he goes home again soon. You can click on his photo to see him up close.... every whisker, every eyebrow, every gleam in his eyes... *(s)
Cute little girl I might use on my new look for my website. I am in the processing of altering it all... this is when I need half a dozen secretaries in the same room all on computers doing some of the work for me. I think it will take me months... oh well... what else have I got to do up here in the woods in the winter surrounded by snow.. *(s)
Rainy day once again in the woods up here at the top of the world.  Winter looks like its settling in.  We have already had some deer visit us and yesterday as I watched... a little squirrel ... was working overtime going up and down to the birdfeeder to snatch the dried fruit and nuts and seeds.   He was returning pretty quickly so I'm guessing he's got a hide-out just very close by.  I sure would love to see inside ......  *(s).  Poor little thing he's working so hard to get enough goodies in there to get him through the winter.  Little does he know that I'll continue to fill up the feeder and he really has no need to work so hard.   It will always be there each morning.  But who knows.  If he got sick or something I guess he thinks he's well prepared to hold out for a long time with plenty of food.  Bless him..... he's so funny to watch

Monday, November 2, 2009

This little guy reminded me today of my grand-dog who easily jumped over our same looking gate to go find his grandpa who had gone next door .... I thought I was watching him... but as I went into our shed for something ... a moment later he was gone. Over the top like the cow jumping over the moon. *(s).
Gosh today's news has been weird... Bloomberg .. running for office in New York is spending $35,000 per hour to get himself elected. I don't understand how people with all this money can basically "buy" their way into government office. It's his own money but what a waste when it could go to so many worthwhile causes other than to his ... which of course is all about himself.

Then there was another report about the detainees in Quantanamo (don't know if I've spent that right...) well they are getting the H1N1 vaccine before many USA citizens .. who by the way .. have been turned away from places because of a shortage of supplies. What the !!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

You can click on the image to see it full size and save it to your computer from there.. I hope you like it...

This is about all today is good for... sitting around in a comfy chair watching old movies on the telly and keeping warm. We have wonderful big snowflakes falling... it's so pretty to watch....  but our temperatures have dropped dramatically and I even had to add another sweater.  Oh well... its also a good time to sit at the computer and surf around the internet or create some more goodies for you all in paintshop pro.