Monday, August 31, 2009

What the heck is Obama and his administration thinking. Investigating the CIA..... when the CIA has kept America safe on their own soil ever since 911 ..... now those guys and gals who put their lives at risk to protect the country are being investigated for whatever it was they had to do to carry out their jobs. Obama is once again flip-flopping .... saying one thing and doing another...... Why would anyone want to join the CIA in future when every move they make and everything they say will be investigated. It's a horrible thing to do to those people who have put their country first and did their best. And really... who cares about the darn terrorists. I think Obama needs to be grateful for his families safety over those years from 2001 until now ... and for the safety of his country ... instead of treating these patriotic people so badly. I'm with Dick Cheney on this one. He's right in all directions.....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Long, long bike ride yesterday around the town here.. silly me forgot to take my camera. Next time I will do that ... there were some nice things to see on the way .... but not the photos of us pushing our bikes up a stupid, mountain goat track which was nearly vertical. Little Hannah did well.. she was zooming past me and I was thinking I ought to have a bicycle bell or a horn or something to beep her so I could go past her .. :-) Lots of fun .... lost a few pounds I'm sure.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A CHEEKY squirrel that stole the limelight
of a holiday snap has become a viral internet sensation.
After setting their camera to take a timer shot for a spectacular portrait picture of their holiday, Melissa Brandts and her husband were surprised to see the cheeky squirrel steal the limelight.
The pair were hiking in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, and decided to take a picture of themselves with spectacular Lake Minnewanka in the background.
Melissa set up the camera's timer and went back to pose.
Attracted by the ticking timer, a Columbian ground squirrel, common in the park, popped up to investigate.
Judging by his response, it's not the first time the squirrel has come across holidaymakers.

Launch scheduled for just before midnight tonight.... good luck guys.... God speed you to the universe.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grand dog went home today ... miss him terribly already. I'm thinking he'll be back under my bedroom window before long ... crying for his old grandma... :-))
Wow Ted Kennedy has 85 relatives .. it was quite a bunch of people at his lovely home and through the motor procession to the J F Kennedy library where he now lies in "repose". I'd never heard that expression before. People lined up as I write to go into pay their respects to his closed coffin ... and then tomorrow they are having a good old Irish wake. What a good idea. Wakes are so much nicer than being sad. Celebrate one's life and be thankful for the good times and for all that we are given.
Just went for a long bike ride through the town and over the hills.... I like it when I have company and tomorrow we are going to do it again with our little grand daughter Hannah .... so she'll like that I'm sure.
Obama still on my mind... and all that he does and says. Deficit keeps getting higher and higher ... he keeps spending and spending. Oh well I guess I'll try to stop thinking about that catastrophe and go watch the NASA channel and get ready for another try for shuttle launch tonight...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I didn't know much about Ted Kennedy .. coming from Australia we don't get all the election stuff or news items from the USA .. so over the years all I really remember about him was the Chappaquiddick episode. Even then I was very young and didn't really understand what it was all about. It was the name I liked... it stuck in my head .. much as names still do like here in British Columbia we have a place called Chilliwack ..... :-) ~~
As he passes this week .. it sure seems that he was part of the American history. Nine siblings and he was the baby of the family ... and he was the only one to reach his seventies. So sad when the Kennedy's got assassinated, his brother Bill died in the war .. then there was Jackie Onassis .. his sister in law ... died very young .... and his nephew John in the plane crash... John's wife Caroline. I guess I will learn a lot more about him .. watching the telly this week it will certainly be inundated with stories about his life and times. He had dealings with 10 presidents ... over his 40-50 years in public life. Well now he's gone home to be with his beloved brothers and the rest of his family. Rest in Peace old Ted .......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I opened a new group yesterday at Yahoo so I can share all my creations .. Now that I'm using our larger computer with a bigger screen everything looks so much nicer and it has inspired me to make more goodies over the long winter months than I usually do.
It won't be long before we have snow up to our ears ... at least I'll be indoors keeping warm and making some pretties to share in the group...
so click on the image if you would like to join me there ... I'm the only one posting .. so the mail load won't be a big one.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My beautiful grand dog... we had fun trying to get a photograph of us both.
We went for a walk the other day.. we actually go every day... but at that time ... a man was passing and looked at Chewie and said how scarey he was... I told him he's a big woos ... not scarey at all... then as we were coming home a lady on the corner of the road was out on her deck and we stopped and had a brief chat. As she looked at Chewie she said oh! my goodness hasn't he got beautiful eyes.
He looks so gentle and gorgeous.
I agreed of course!!! but I guess as they say ... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". :-)) I'm going to miss him so much when he goes home soon. But I'm thinking we'll have him to visit even more often than before. He'd escape his house before and come down the road to our house. Now after his grandma has spoiled him rotten ... and cuddled him on the bed whilst we ate muffins ..... he's going to want to be here even more. He's been missing his little family .. but I think once he's seen them again ... and thinks to himself .. "they don't take as much notice of me as grandma"... he'll be back. Love him to pieces... he's such a gentleman.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well I knew it... something was amiss at the White House.

When so many people were complaining about receiving unsolicited letters from that source ... to get them to vote for and to push the Health Care system in the works.... of course they denied any knowledge of it having happened. Citizens were outraged at the spamming of their accounts with letters from David Axelrod .. (white house staff) ........ NOW we find out they paid a company to instigate it and spam everyone. What next!!! Gosh each day I listen to the news and get more frustrated and annoyed and down right pissed off at what the Obama administration is doing to the citizens of the USA. I'm not one ... I'm an Aussie ... but if I was I would be spouting off even moreso than I do here on my blog. I am continually amazed at what goes on.
And the Cash for Clunkers car scheme is finishing on Monday mainly because the government can't even get the cash back to the car dealerships and they are owed millions and millions of dollars... they've put the money up front now want reimbursement of course .. but that's not happening. How can they ever think they would run a new health care system with the whole population of the USA and the illegal immigrants using it ... when they can't cope with the car dealerships. I scratch my head ............. what on earth are they thinking.
I've finished my book about the life of Arthur Conan Doyle and what a pleasure it was to read it... amazing insight into the life of this wonderful author... not only because he wrote Sherlock Holmes stories but for all the other stuff he wrote of which I was never aware of. By golly .. he was a prolific author. His life was amazing.... and the book covered the 54 years from when he was a small boy going off to boarding school... right up until his mothers death ... all the correspondence he had written to her. How wonderful that they are available now to the whole world to read ...... I felt like I had stepped back into the 1880's ... his words were colourful, funny, and filled with emotion. I think if it was possible to go back and meet someone from the past this would be my choice. He even went to my Aussie home state of Tasmania... also the home of Errol Flynn. :-))
I don't know what my next book will be but I sure do love reading so I must make a trip over to our library soon or go online to see what's available in British Columbia.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two hundred and seventy people died in the Lockerbie plane bombing. Now they have released the horrible terrorist who was convicted of the crime. They are even putting him on a private flight back home to Libya. What the heck was the Scottish judge on when he made this disastrous decision. What about the victims of this crime. They never got to go home ........ I'm appalled at this action. So is most of the world it seems. Who cares if this creep has cancer ....... he's a convicted terrorist....
let him die in prison. The heartache of all those families involved in the tragedy will be so bad all over again. I remember it well. December 1988. I was at work in my office and we had the radio on as usual... and because I had just returned shortly before .... from a trip to the U.S.A.... I was terribly upset when we found out about the plane crash. There were bodies hanging in trees, houses were blown apart as it crashed into the ground. It was one of the worst tragedies in air flight history. The decision today ... watching this creep get onto a plane ... so he can be in his own country when he dies... is ludicrous. Sometimes I think the world has gone mad .......... :-((

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I keep hearing about the health care in the USA and how Obama is pushing it through Congress. So many people don't seem to want it. I sit and think about the "cash for clunkers" program for cars... and how they needed over 1000 people to operate that. How many new public servants will the government have to hire to deal with the whole population of the USA if the bill passes.
He wants health care for every citizen including the 12 million illegals ....... that's a fine thing to want .. but at what cost to everyone who already is happy with their private health care ... One can only imagine the staggering line ups for testing like MRI's, operations or whatever .. if the whole country is standing in waiting rooms, doorways, hospitals etc waiting their turn. And how can it be "saving costs" to have a scheme that will require many many thousands of people to run it. And there would need to be "real people" at the end of the telephone calls ... not automated voices .. because all those medical personnel will have so many questions and people will be standing around waiting for attention. Gosh .. its mind boggling. Obama doesn't seem to understand that the country is running on empty ... there's no money ... wow!! He's only been in office 6 months .......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Went walking this morning with Chewie dog..... he wore me out as usual. Day will be nice ....not too hot thank goodness. I'm not into real hot days. We got our satellite channels back this week which means I can again watch Turner Classic Movies, (my favourite), BBC Canada, the Food channel, Showtime, TV Land (Archie Bunker and co) ... :-) he always makes me laugh no matter how many times I see him.... Mystery we get now too, more news channels, Military which I like if its to do with airplanes... I'm hooked on the stealth.... they are such a neat design... and a whole heap of other channels which should help us get through the long winter months which soon will be upon us. Summer seems to have nearly gone ... back to school soon too ..... vacations done .... oh well. I do love the snow and the shovelling of it..... but I miss not seeing flowers for such a long time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thanks Tess for this link on your FaceBook page.... the little hummingbird, nesting, feeding her babes, etc... it's quite beautiful. I love these little guys. Grand dog and I were out on our deck yesterday and there's a potted plant there beside us. I looked up after I'd heard a strange noise... to see a hummingbird trying to get some nectar from the flowers there. So sweet, pretty and wow!!! can they flap those little wings fast. I've added another feeder to my tree now .. had some there before for them but I didn't see any come... but now there are many more so I hope they too, enjoy the goodies from my yard.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I watched a show last night on PBS. All Disco music with the original artists ... as they are now ... it was lovely. I was up dancing around and singing the songs.... it brought back so many memories of my thirties when I thought the Bee Gees were the greatest and of course John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Abba .... Lots of film clips, and the audience was up dancing as well. It reminded me of girlfriends back home in Australia, when we would go to dances, or sports functions to raise money.... even weddings ... birthday parties etc... when all the disco music was all that we heard. Loved it loved it.... and best of all we have a satellite station on our dish that has seventies music all the time. Plus there's other stations with country music, jazz, rock and roll, folk, old classics, ........ I should use it more because where I am in my room with the computer I also have the telly ... so I could easily listen to some great stuff as I type or create. Even grand dog wanted in on the act ... :-)) he was jumping around as well. I think he thought his grandma had "lost her marbles"....... I was laughing at him so much I could hardly dance....I wore him out .... What a great way to exercise.. put on some good music and dance.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Damn him for what he did ... I hate him

Lots going on around the celebrity circuit.... Horrible, horrible Michael Vick is being signed by some football team ...(Philadelphia Eagles) ... damn them.... he deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life for the cruelty he inflicted on dogs. It doesnt send a very good message to the young ones who follow him ..... spend a short time in jail and then get another big, fancy job doing what you like .. and get millions of dollars for it....... and care less about the horrendous torture and cruelty. He's spouting off now about being sorry and realising what he did was wrong. Wow... took him long enough .. and I don't believe him for one moment ...... the poor little darlings who suffered at his hands ....... It makes me cry now just thinking about his actions.
On a lighter note... Stedman has moved out of Oprah's house ... after she took her girlfriend Gayle on a cruise and he, once again, was left out of her life. She has been using him for years. I think her and Gayle are definitely more than just "girlfriends"..... John Edwards - well he's finally going to admit that he had an extra marital affair with the other woman, despite the fact that his wife is dying of cancer, and that they have indeed a daughter between them. What a creep... I once thought he was very nice, handsome and good Presidential material.... And then there's Rosie O'Donnell who also has had her "spouse" move out. She's split from her "wife" ....... so it will probably be all down hill from now on for old Rosie. We all know she suffers from depression and all sorts of things. As we say back home in Oz... Life's a bitch and then you die. Sometimes you wonder where all the nice stuff actually is.

A desktop wallpaper for you to save if you like them....
click on the image to see it full size and then save it from there.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just watched a show about Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and of course wonderful Dean Martin. I remember my mum loved Bing Crosby.... my dear Auntie Cecilia was in love with Frank Sinatra .. :-)) and I am a real fan of Dean Martin. I've got some of his tunes on my playlist here on my blog so if you haven't got your speakers on .... you are missing some really nice music. ~~~~~~~~~ I spent the day watching telly .... walking my grand dog, and generally doing not much at all. Which is how I like it. The news seems to be all about the health bill in the USA ... and what a fiasco it will be. They can't run the "cash for clunkers" program ... ran out of that money that was supposed to last till the Fall... it was gone in 4 days ... and of course the Post Office is running at over a billion dollars loss each year. Health care I think will be no exception. People will lose so much .... there won't be enough doctors or facilities to go around .... and they want to provide coverage to the 11 million illegal aliens as well..... What the heck for !!!!!!!!!! I don't get it ...... The whole illegal alien thing I don't get. They give them credit cards, their kids go to College, and they are in the country illegally. The mind boggles .... how can they get this stuff with no social security number or any other identification ....... they are not USA citizens. wow....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr Holme's creator

These two are my favourite Holmes and Watson actors... Jeremy Brett of course... deliciously, devilish as Sherlock .......and Edward Hardwicke as Watson

I am still enjoying immensely my book on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I keep meaning to bookmark some of the pages so I can quote some of his wonderful words to my blog here ... and I must do that soon. He is so funny, he is battling at present .. about 1886 .... to sell some literature to make ends meet. He is very poor. He has his small medical practice going after getting some furniture sent to him from his devoted mother .... she sends him food packages as well.... and she also sent his younger brother there to keep him company. I feel sad for the fact that he had to struggle so much to just have enough food to eat .... his patients were few and far between .. even though he was a qualified doctor. He was writing and selling short stories that were published in magazines etc. to get some money to buy food and pay his rent.
In the following few years he will begin his Sherlock Holmes stories and things should look up for him immensely .. even though ..of course .. he did not like Sherlock all that much and wanted to kill him off later on in his literary writings ... Arthur C.D. has just got married ... his wife he describes as having a homely and kind face ... she seems a loving and also devoted fan of his ... but both of them now are struggling a great deal to get food and pay rent. It's a wonderful story of his life ... I will have to buy the book myself ... as I can see I'll need to borrow it for a much longer time than originally planned. One thing ... I never realised how many other stories he has written.... and I sure do love him for having the power in him to create the endearing and clever character of Sherlock and Dr. Watson. I will watch the movies now with a whole different take on the actual words spoken. One of his stories he thought would be publicly acclaimed in 1885.. yet was never liked much at all.... recently sold in 2007 for 156, 000 pounds in England.
It's like so many famous characters who lived their life in poverty only to be magnificent successes later on ......

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whilst grand dog's "parents" are on vacation at the beach he's with us of course... :-) Just went to their house and mowed the lawn. He came too ... and was very happy to be there .. checking out the place to see if his family were hiding somewhere. ~~ The little dog from next door came rushing over ... but we didn't see the two cats about anywhere. They have probably moved out for the duration... probably catching birds or mice or whatever they do that they aren't supposed to be doing... but old Chewie had fun .... and I'm sure he came away knowing that his stay with us wasn't forever ... and that he was just vacationing like his family was. He's so sweet ... He wanted to bring back a big moose bone he stole from someone's yard a few months ago ... he'll be a bit more contented I think knowing that he's not been given to the grands. He sure does miss the kids a lot.

gosh the USA Government moaned about the AIG executives riding around in their private airplanes now they themselves have ordered half a billion dollars worth of new aircraft to shuttle around old Nancy Pelosi and others. She flies back and forth from San Francisco to Washington every week. Good heavens. Then there is the health care bill.... town hall meetings with people going beserk because they dont' want it to happen.... frankly I'm tired of the Democrat's and others ....berating Canada's health care system... They have gone on and on about the difficulties and non treatment to us "Canadians" up here and yet in my ten years of being here I've never had one reason to complain. I get my treatment as soon as I go into the clinic and my Brian has had no hassles either. I think they find one or two people .. probably pay them... to fill their electoral needs ... to prop up their intentions .... and brain wash the rest of the country. Some days I get so bad when I hear what's going on. I do love the USA for sure and worry about what's happening to it in the hands of Obama. He's run up more expenses in the 6 months he's been in power .. than the whole USA since before world war I..... Gosh its just as well I'm not a USA citizen because I too would sure be protesting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New York

I love New York... but on the news today at noon .. sadness. A tours helicopter and a light plane have collided over the Hudson and it seems there are no survivors... they have "found" one but haven't said if its a recovery or a rescue. There are so many flights all around New York I'm actually surprised that this doesn't happen more often. They say thousands of flights per day .... and its indeed a wonderful tour. I went around Manhatten Island on the ferry when I was there. I wasn't brave enough to take a helicopter flight .... I was amazed at the size of the buildings, the amount of them, and how close they are to the water. Rescuers are on scene now trying to find the aircraft ... but they say there is no hope especially with the strong currents in that area. Sadness for sure for all involved and their families..............

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Still trying to figure out what's what in FaceBook .... I'm not all that sure that I'll continue with it... sometimes I think people don't particularly want to know what I'm doing today and if they do they can come here to my blog and hear my rants and see my photos ...... oh well...... I'll keep plodding along with FaceBook for the time being and who knows.... something spectacular might suddenly happen.... don't know what .... LOL....
Chewie dog and his grandma are off for a walk soon in the lovely morning air. I really want to ride my bike but I'm not brave enough to attach him to any part of it ... or me... because I can see we'd end up over the bank or in a ditch if he suddenly saw a cat or something. Walking .. I think.. is a much safer proposition for the both of us. I might take my camera with me ... never know what we will come across.
Hot one today coming up .... so I'm not going to enjoy the latter part of the day. I'm still reading the wonderful book about Arthur Conan Doyle's letters to his mum. I'm up to the part where he goes to medical school but gives it up in favour of literature... so soon he'll be writing about Sherlock Holmes and earning some much needed money for him and his siblings and mum. She kept everything he ever wrote to her from the time he was only 8... and it's been quite a task for the authors of the book to compile and figure out all the scraps of paper and messages... postcards etc.... but what wonderful reading it sure is. I am enjoying it so much.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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Grand dog arrived yesterday for a two week vacation with the grandma. (Me).... he's so funny. About 4 years old I think and so big... but he's the biggest whimp I've ever seen. First night sleeping inside - snoring and sometimes whimpering for his family who have gone off on a holiday too.... so it's all a bit of an orientation happening ........ for the first few days and nights till we get into a routine. 6 am. and we went for a nice walk in the very cool morning air.... hard to believe that it got down so cool when the days have been so hot. We'll have some fun - Chewie and I....... :-)) He's quite the character ....... it should be an interesting experience to say the least. It's like looking after a person. Luv him lots but he's already missing his family. I guess old grandma will have to get out some more treats for him.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gosh it's about time the government ... all governments.. banned texting and using cell phones whilst driving. So many accidents lately with many people being killed. Anyone with any brains surely must understand that there couldn't be anything more dangerous than taking your eyes off the road to communicate with someone. In Australia its been illegal for many years to use your phone whilst driving .... you need to pull over to the side of the road. How many more people have to die in trains and vehicles..... because drivers were texting. I really do not like texting for a start... and can see many injuries happening in the next decade or even sooner ... from people using thumbs and other weird positions of fingers etc .. its not natural to hold your hand in such position for so long. Carpel tunnel syndrome ... it will be an epidemic I think.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I have borrowed this wonderful book from our online library and am enjoying it so much. Of course he's the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
During his lifetime he wrote thousands of letters to his mother in particular and to the rest of his family and as I read his letters to his mum back in 1870 and beyond ... I find him to be an endearing and very clever young man. He went off to school at age 8 .... and by all accounts the boarding school was very much a challenge to all the students capabilites and endurance. Hard times for sure... with not a lot to eat. He always asked his mother to send him food ... particularly around christmas. He was such a sweet young man ... full of dreams and ideas and even at age 10 or so was talking about the plays at school and Shakespeare and how "jolly" it was if there was a murder included.
He obviously loved writing ... and had quite an adventurous life .. I've only got as far as him being younger than his teens ... and its an exquisite read. Wonderful descriptions and insight into the Victorian era ...........and the life of this very clever man. He mentioned to his mum in one of his letters later on that it looks like the "Sherlock Holmes" stories have caught on .... what an understatement that was. He needed to earn money and although he was not a great fan of Sherlock it was those stories that people wanted and which paid the best. If only he knew that way into the future people were loving him for what he wrote... loving the stories, loving reading his letters ......... He loosely based his Sherlock stories on his medical mentor Dr. Joseph Bell ...
What an adventurous life he had....
You can hear about him from the website above.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The heat is getting to me... :-)
For nearly two days I've been trying to get links in my website to work.... no amount of help from the server people... or me trying every which way to do stuff.... could I see what I was supposed to see and have my pages linked as I wanted them. Thanks to my dear pal Lorilei in Alberta .... I finally saw the light.......... LOL......... oh dear.... maybe it was right in front of these blurry old diabetic eyes all the time.... and I just couldn't see it for the haze of heat that is destroying my brain cells as I write.
Would you believe that as of yesterday there were 531 forest fires burning in beautiful British Columbia. I am astounded by that amount... most of which began from lightening strikes. The heat wave continues ... the fires contine.... the animals continue to run for their dear little lives ... and I continue to pray for their safety and for the safety of the fire fighters. One of which died from heat exhaustion already. I've been through it all many times back in Australia and its horrible. Keep everything and everyone involved in your prayers too if you could.