Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor old Michael J....... all the rumours, the gossip, the fake reports .... was his hair nearly all gone, was he wearing a wig, was his house always dirty, and him to ... the unpaid bills, the artifically inseminated "wife" ....... the drug abuse or not .... so much of it ... How will we ever know what is real and not real with everybody and his dog and cat coming out of the cupboards and shoving their faces on the telly in an effort to take full advantage of anything that might earn them a dollar. He wouldn't take calls from his father... wasn't speaking to sister LaToya ... brother working in a take away .... I won't be surprised at anything else that comes out .... he sure was weird. Wonderful of course as an entertainer but a sad and pathetic man who never seemed to really grow up. Even his voice was like a little girls. Each day the gossip columnists and reporters have something else to tell us..... and even his family seem to want to jump on the band wagon and see what they can make from his memory. It all sure is in over-drive....

Thank goodness for all those computer patches and things that make the programs work. I've spent a good time on the computer today trying to find an answer to making the png files come out without the black or white background. My old computer has them working just fine but since I'm transferring my files to our newer computer ... nothing seems as it should be. Anyway eventually after a patch from corel.com for paintshop pro things are looking up and at last I'm back to being able to use the png files like ordinary tubes.
My creating days are just beginning on the wider computer screen, and how great it is to have so much more memory to stack and store stuff ........ without having to keep looking to see how much room I have left on the hard drive. Oh well... when I return from my holiday ... all systems go ... :-))

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still all things Michael Jackson on the telly. Now I hear they are going to have some huge rememberance celebration happening ....... which in a way I don't understand. With all the publicity and the goings on I would think that the family might want to just have a very private and personal goodbye but of course it probably comes down to money. How much can they make from selling the rights to this tv event ..... and it seems that he was estranged from various members of his family for whatever reasons. Second autopsy .... questions about the doctor he had living in the house he was renting at $100,000 a month ... the fifty concerts he had planned but obviously had no hope of fulfilling. He was simply not well enough. One good thing at least is that the mother of his children ... or two of them... said she won't be wanting custody. (Speculation too about him not being their real father anyway.) Such a weird and muddled existence for him. And many of his friends and ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley said they saw this coming years ago and could do nothing to help him. Great entertainer, great dancer, and now I guess he'll be even more popular in death .... as it goes with all the famous who die relatively young.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'll be going on a nice holiday on Thursday of this coming week - down to Vancouver.... and I'm so looking forward to it. It's been a long time since we have even left our small town let alone gone way down there. It will be a really long bus trip ... about 15 hours or so... which by the way is enough time for me to fly from Vancouver to Australia. *(s) We are going to visit family so it will be such a great time and hopefully the weather will be nice and I'll be able to hang out in the malls which I never get to do. When I come back no doubt I'll have heaps of nice photos to add to my blog and to show you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

One would think there was no other news today because all I've seen is Michael Jackson videos and news items. I honestly don't know how they find enough to talk about or to show us for every hour of the day. The more I watch it the more I realise that he was a kind and very gentle guy who didn't seem to have any real friends. Lots of enablers, hanger-ons, and people out to get as much from him as they could.... so sad. He was very child like, even his voice. I was stunned also to hear on the news that he had almost brought down the world wide web today because of the whole world logging on to see his videos, buying stuff and doing all things Michael Jackson. Quite incredible. Rest in Peace Michael.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace

Dear Farrah (Fawcett) has died this morning at 9.30 a.m. in Los Angeles. I was thinking about her all night long as yesterday they said she had gone to the hospital and was not expected to live much longer. This morning as I was eating my breakfast she was dying. :-(( She was very sweet, beautiful and brave and I feel very sad - not for her - because now her suffering has ended .. but for her family and friends and public who will miss her greatly. How tragic for her dad to have now lost two daughters to cancer. I also like Ryan O'Neal and although he had proposed to her many times she did not want to get married. I guess now today her Hollywood Star of Fame will be surrounded by flowers and gifts, her friends will gather, and hopefully her son will be allowed to be with his family. He is currently in jail on drug charges. Rest in Peace Farrah.
This afternoon ... the world is shocked ... to hear of the death of Michael Jackson. He was a great talent, up there with Elvis Presley and the Beatles. What a sad day it has been....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avoid it

This morning on my diabetes group someone said they were dealing with some sort of hot flashes even though they were only in their thirties. I found that "aspartame" was the culprit in my case .. many years ago when I would go through waves of heat after consuming it. I did research on it and nearly fell off my chair when I read the side effects and damage it can do to your body. http://www.mac-archive.com/ns/side.html

It's in so many products like ice cream, cookies, yogurt etc. Be very careful of it. Avoid it if you can. Check out the page above and I think if you do... your eating habits will change. Of course its major deliverance to the population is in nutra-sweet. And I firmly believe that our diseases today ... in little children who drink fizzy drinks, or eat those popsicles and candies which contain it... and all of us..... are being poisoned or worse. I cannot believe it was ever approved for human consumption. My god... its horrendous stuff.

Monday, June 22, 2009

To see or not to see

Gosh you know..,. if your computer screen doesn't look right .. fiddle with your resolution settings. We got this wide screen a year or so ago and I never liked it at all. I much prefer to use our older computer which has 1024 resolution and everything looks like it should. For some reason the new screen seemed to be "stretching" people's faces out wider or just messing up everything really .... I could not stand it any longer ... so I fiddled.
Put the resolution up to 1240 or a bit more and hey presto!!!!!!! :-)) It's like having a brand new computer and one that I now like a lot more and will probably have to start using soon .. because as we all know... they don't seem to last very long at all. I will have to start transferring all my goodies over from my very limited gigabyte oldie .... to the newer model.... which now has become my favourite. And don't forget that what you see on your screen doesn't necessarily mean other people are seeing what you see ..... colours, tints, settings of all kinds can make supposedly good looking creations turn into something you don't much like at all. Luckily in our house we have a smaller screen, now this larger one and also a laptop and when I alter my blog tops or my website I make sure I check it out on all three ............ so I see what I want it to be .... on all three. Why don't they make computers all the same I wonder. I guess its for eyesight problems, or whatever but it sure would make life a bit easier ... and clearer... LOL....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Father's Day ... remembering my dear, sweet, kind, old dad who now rests in peace back in Tasmania. I miss him every day. Thinking with sadness of all those dads who did not come back alive from Iraq and Afghanistan and really ... from all the conflicts of war. Thinking too of the children of those fathers ... and the dads of those fathers who have been killed and now have lost their son ... it would be a very sad day today indeed. Thank you all for your sacrifice ... I wish I could wave a magic wand and stop all the conflicts.... it's getting worse ....... I wonder will the world ever wake up and stop trying to kill each other .....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayer for the Animals

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals who are suffering; for any who are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to sleep. We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us be true friends to animals and so to share the blessing of the merciful.

Click click click

I must remember to take my camera with me on my morning bike rides. This morning I came across three lovely horses in a field.. it was just 5.45 a.m. and they were already up eating their grassy breakfast. I usually see them but they are further away from the road where I ride on ... but this morning they were really up close and it would have made a lovely pic to share with you all.... And I certainly will have to remember to take my camera on my little vacation soon when we head off down south to Vancouver to spend some time with family. I'm so looking forward to that. I love visiting the Michael's craft stores, and of course the WalMart... :-) the malls are so glamourous and pretty .... Old Navy I like to visit too ... lots of pretty things in that store.... no doubt when I return I'll have heaps of photos to share with you here....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Isn't it strange when you go back over your old photos... this one was taken last year .. and now I don't wear my glasses because my diabetes seems to have done weird things to my eyes and I can now read the fine print, those medicine bottle labels, the labels in the supermarket, all the things that were way too small for me now are clear .... but alas my vision into the distance is blurry ... it used to be the other way around... urgh!!! I am thinking the up close good vision is better ... and I don't drive a vehicle so I don't really have to worry that much about blurry distance unless I'm heading into a tree on my bike. :-))

Fathers Day

This weekend is Father's Day and I sure do miss my dear old dad. I love Father's Day... it was the day I spoiled him tremendously. :-) I would cook a yummy baked meal for him and mum .... they would come visit and I would choose something really nice for his gift ... something that he had always wanted. He was a sweet treasure in my life. Because I was an only child... I would wrap up gifts from all my pets to give to their "grandfather"... :-)) so he would have lots of presents to open on the day. Now I have a wonderful husband and father-in-law and they too, are treasures. And to my dear dad who passed away back home in Tasmania... I send you my love. I hope you are up in heaven watching down on me ... because I sure do love you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Very Strange

I heard today on the telly that Cher's daughter Chastity wants to be a male... and is going to have the appropriate surgery. How sad that must be for a mum to have a daughter .... for all these years .. now suddenly she'll have a son. I can't quite fathom it myself. Chastity has been a lesbian for most of her life ... seems a weird thing to do now ... especially when everyone knows her as Chastity ... not Chaz as she wishes to be called when she's a boy. Oh well... I guess nobody knows what it is like unless we are in her shoes ... or his shoes.... so good luck to her and I hope it all goes well.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love him to pieces

Grand dog went home later this afternoon... we had a lovely time hanging out together. He's so funny. He watched me fill up the dishwasher, helped me water the plant on the deck, ate some of my left over stew, tried to sit on me whilst I was on the sofa, and I think he wore himself out because his beautiful yellow/green eyes were shutting whilst he was sitting in front of me looking at me. He was falling asleep ..... *(s) .......... he's so big.... and he sure didn't waste any time running out the front door and into the back of his mum and dad's car when they arrived. I didn't even get a thank you grandma .. or bye ... or anything. He had been waiting for them all day ... keeping an ear out for the car noise ....... he missed his lovely little family....

Dog Sitting

Click on the image if you would like to see me and my grand dog much larger and nicer. I am babysitting him today whilst his mum and dad have a garage sale ... so we have already gone for a long, long walk around the town .... he's "helped" me get rid of my breakfast toast and peanut butter ... and I tried to take our photo... but he's a bag of worms... Trying to get him to sit still was an impossible feat.


He just wanted to roll over, and do silly things on the carpet, now he's being a big baby and crying because his grandpa just left the house and went to the store.

He's as much of a handful to look after as our little Connor is .... :-)) I love him to pieces and we'll have a nice time together. It's a gorgeous Canadian morning here ... still cool, and all the birds were out chirping ... dogs were barking ... and who knows.. maybe now we'll take a nap after our huge walk at 7.30 a.m. Thanks to Rosey Posey Studio for the pretty quick page ... :-))

Friday, June 12, 2009


Please remember to go down my page here a little bit and click on the image that will take you to the website to help provide food for the animals in shelters.
It will cost you nothing.... but your click will count towards providing them with some food. I do it every single day ... so please take a couple of seconds out of your visiting time here and do a favour for me by adding a click. It's the advertisers on that page that pay for the food ... and the animals sure do need all the help they can get. It's not only cats and dogs, but horses and all of those sweet darlings that need our love and kindness.

Mysteries and Mayhem

I was in "catalogue heaven" today.. for Video's. You can click on the link if you wish to visit the store also......
I'd not seen it before and it came in the mailbox for me ... It was filled with mysteries, murder and mayhem, comedies and all the programs I have loved since I was a little girl back in Australia watching the BBC.... and now PBS and BBC Canada since I've been living in North America. Every single page I turned over there were heaps of boxed sets which I would love. I circled all the ones I really want.... (which would be no mean feat unless I won the lottery... LOL) ...... but it's nice to dream about and perhaps old Santa might bring me one .... Murder Most English was the first one I came across and its a village detective much like a male Miss Marple. There were others called Country Matters and Doctor Finlay... Ruth Rendell Mysteries ... Mrs Bradley Mysteries ... Pie in the Sky ... Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Wycliffe Detective, Midsomer Murders, A Touch of Frost .. Rosemary and Thyme ... Rebus, Prime Suspect, Sherlock Holmes of course, Inspector Lewis, Agatha Christie's Poirot ... Dorothy Sayers Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, and comedies like Hamish MacBeth, Are you Being Served, To the Manor Born, Keeping up Appearances, One Foot in the Grave, Open All Hours (my all time favourite) .. Only Fools and Horses .... and on and on and on it goes..... WOW .... I guess I'll have to keep buying those lottery tickets.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planet Earth

Yikes .. the sun comes out... then the rain comes down.... then the dandelions in my lawn grow like skyscrapers. You can actually look at the lawn in the morning and it's kind of okay... then two hours later there's nothing but yellow. It's a shame really that dandelions are weeds.. because they sure do look pretty all along the sides of the highway or in vacant lots or just in people's yards.
~~After the long white winters we have ........any dash or splash of colour is wonderful. I love flowers ........ weeds or not.... I think its all so clever that they come from the soil.... they survive the harshest conditions, yet they bloom like works of art. Sprouting forth towards the light and warmth .... and unfold like someone is painting them into existence. I watched a show on the telly the other day called Planet Earth ... and it was all about the jungles. The darkness under the trees is so intense and the fight for survival of plants trickles down through a tiny gap in the umbrella of leaves and branches. When one of those gigantic trees falls ........ it opens up the daylight and it's a race to begin living by the plants which have been dormant for centuries. Beautiful foliage and flowers, growing to gigantic heights .... competing to become the biggest the quickest ... before the growth folds in and once again covers up the ground.... and once more its dark down there.
Stunning, amazing, gorgeous, weird at times .... there's a whole series of shows called Planet Earth and last night I watched the one on fish and the oceans. Wonderful stuff.

Desktop Wallpaper

click on the image to save the desktop wallpaper full size... I have this one on my computer right now.... it's so soft and pretty. I hope you like it too.
Don't forget if you have windows XP there's a screensaver function where you put all the desktops into a folder and then choose screensaver and they will all come onto your screens in all sorts of amazing ways. Easy to do and really good....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My dear old Brian has gone to Vancouver this evening.... thunderstorms happening so I hope the flight goes okay. I'll worry like a mad woman till I hear from him. It's nearly a two hour journey ... he has to visit a specialist doctor down there. Long way .. back home tomorrow. I guess I'll be mowing the lawn before he returns... the silly dandelions are growing like sky scrapers out there... I mowed it on Friday, I mowed it again on Sunday ... and I'll be mowing it again on Tuesday. LOL Just as well it's not a huge back yard. But wow!!!! my little front garden is exploding into such pretty colours... and my lilacs are blooming .. which I thought were done for seeing they did nothing last season. I love seeing the flowers and sure do miss my beautiful big Australian garden.

Two Grands - Grandpa and Grandson

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Grandpa and Connor up at the park close to our northern Canadian town. It's so pretty up there but alas !!! the dreaded beetles have overtaken many of the trees. The pesky buggers .. you can't get rid of. They have destroyed thousands of acres of beautiful pine trees throughout Canada and I guess the United States as well. The only thing that seems to kill them are temperatures below 40 degrees in the winter and they must remain that cold for a couple of weeks. And that is very hard to sustain over such a long period of time so they keep on keeping on .... infiltrating, feeding on and killing the gorgeous trees. The forests have turned red ... a rusty swathe of colour meaning the death of the trees. So sad... I don't know that they will ever be able to control them.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Desktop Delights

If you like cats... the wallpaper here should please you. I love this old guy ... he's not looking too happy at all the birds perching on his whiskers...


Anyway click on the image to see it and save it or install it full size ....

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Up with the birds this morning.... went bike riding at 6.30 a.m. in the gorgeous coolness of a British Columbia Sunday early a.m. I pedalled down the road to the big plant nursery ... then around the road and back home ... on the way going passed two beautiful horses eating their grassy breakfast. I said hello .. but they never looked up ... on the way back they saw me coming up the road, stopped what they were doing and stared at me .. like they were saying who the heck are you. Lovely soft brown colour ... mum and daughter I think they were. And of course a big stack of Canadian geese going over head in their familiar V pattern. I watched them till they were out of sight ........ not taking long to go through the sky and honking as they went almost to say good morning t0 me. :-)) I love early cool Sunday mornings. Not too much traffic about until later in the morning when it seems the whole town is on its way to one of the many churches we have here. Now I guess I need a nice cup of tea and perhaps read some chapters of my latest mystery out on the deck before the heat comes back and knocks me for six as we say back in Oz. (wears me out .... takes me out.... finishes me off ... ) LOL.....

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hack Attack

Hackers ought to be shot. Gosh I get sick of hearing about how they wrecked someone's site ... or infiltrated some other's servers. What do they gain from doing this ... don't they have family or friends or might be susceptible to their hacking efforts... don't their families have computers and might also get stuffed up by what they have done. For the life of me I can't see what they get out of it.
Anyway my website's server has been hacked into ... and they are working on the problem.... so I hope it's fixed soon. They are pure nastiness ..... must not have lives to live ... they must sit at the computers for days and nights on end trying to hack into websites.... they tried that over and over again with my hubby's webpage.... Oh well... I hope they get what's coming to them one day soon.
I'll skitch the dog on to them.... :-)

Rock a boy Baby

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Yesterday we ventured to the lake for a couple of hours. It's so pretty up there .. not far out of town... right in the woods of course and so peaceful and looking like all those lake scenes you see in movies. Kids were swimming, picnics, all sorts of activities and of course our Connor was on his rock collecting expedition. So funny. Earlier he came into our house with a little rock to give to grandpa....which he soon handed over when he saw the smarties in the glass candy jar .. I'd strategically placed at his eye level..... :-) He had fun for sure.... and I managed to take two photos before the batteries in my camera gave out. I guess spring/summer is really here...
Mowing lawns, riding my bike, watching the little birds construct their nests .... and trying to keep cool at the end of the day when the temperatures have risen to above 30. Oh for some air conditioning...!!!!! thanks to my Alberta pal Lorilei for the pretty quick page ..... :-))

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Desktop wallpaper

One of my desktop wallpapers from "Whispers from the Woods" Collection. I love painting little bears ... and of course the flowers.

Click on the image to see if full size and install it or save it from there.

I left lots of room for your desktop icons.... hope you enjoy it.

Gosh I love that George Strait song... "How about them cowgirls"... its on my playlist at the bottom of my page here so check it out. Gotta love those guys with white cowboy hats.... :-))

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My sweet little squirrel ... well actually another one I think. They are so much alike yet a little different and it's sometimes hard to tell them apart .. especially when the sun is in a different direction. I'm hoping he's the first little guy I had come to visit about 16 months ago but I am a little afraid that he might have been caught by a wandering cat. I found white fur in the yard under the bird feeder the other day and lots of white cat fur out in the field... so I'm not sure if it was a cat fight or my little guy battling for his life. I hate it that he might have died. There's not a lot I can do about other people's cats except scare them away if I see them.... but somehow I think my little guy might have been clever enough not to get caught. The grass is very short in the yard around the feeder and outside the fence where I keep it mowed down so he would have had plenty of area around where he was to see anything approaching. Bless him I hope he's okay. Maybe it was a girl and she's off feeding her little ones. I know the birds have been scarce over the past few days. I think they too, will have babies to feed and perhaps have found a great new source of "baby food". Squrrels and birds .. :-) all seem to have other things on their mind at present than turning up in my yard to feed. I hope they all are okay and will return soon perhaps with their families.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How sad

I can't stop thinking about the big plane crash .... it just disappeared from radar on its way from Brazil to France. As of today they still haven't found it .... although some reports mention some wreckage but it has not yet been confirmed. What happened to the two hundred and twenty eight people on board. The heart breaks for their relatives waiting for news and at this time I guess all they can hope for is that they find it, and the bodies of their family members so they can at least give them a funeral. But I am thinking they will never find these people. The depth of the ocean in that area is HUGE .... the plane might have just gone straight to the bottom. It might have exploded in mid air .... it might have been a terrorist.

Rest in Peace

Monday, June 1, 2009


Get Well dear Susan Boyle... I can completely understand how your breakdown occurred. The press has hounded you, the pressure must have been inescapable... and the disappointment that you didn't win the competition when the whole world said they loved you and should have voted for you...in Britain at least where the show was aired. Rest up ... and come back soon to a new record contract and even a tour in North America.


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Our Hannie still likes her short haircut she got back in March. And little Connor is growing like a weed.


GONE, GONE GONE.... today's news brings a few stories that can go under that heading.Every morning I turn on the news to see what's been happening ... today a big airbus plane has suddenly disappeared from radar ... heading from Jamaica to France. Two hundred and thirty passengers and crew ... Gone. No hope for anyone now. Authorities seem to think it was hit by lightening. ~~~~~~ Then there's GM (General Motors) ....... gone from the Dow Jones Index ... heading into bankruptcy. It's history in the making. Plants closing, more people losing jobs, and the Government is going to run the company now ... heavens help everyone involved with that fiasco. Since when does Government tell people what cars they should drive... and when does it tell companies what they should be making. Smaller, "green" versions won't be big sellers ... they need to get back to designing and making good quality trucks and family vehicles instead of these huge, expensive ones with ...... wait for it....... computers and printers on board. Who can afford a truck these days that is more than likely half the cost of a small house. $60,000 some of them..... build family oriented vehicles that most people can afford to buy. We have a GM truck... a plain, old, worn out blue one which still gets us around town despite it's age.....

News of the Day

Millvina Dean, who as a baby was wrapped in a sack and lowered into a lifeboat in the frigid North Atlantic, died on Sunday, having been the last survivor of the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic.
She was 97 years old, and she died where she had lived — in Southampton, England, the city her family had tried to leave behind when it took the ship's ill-fated maiden voyage, bound for America. She always said that her father saved her life and the lives of her mother and brother by immediately heading them to a life boat station after he heard the scraping of the iceberg on the Titanic's hull. He perished but they were saved. Also Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet (of course the stars of the Titanic movie) had recently pledged to pay for her nursing home fees ........ after they found out she had to sell some mementos of her voyage to raise funds. Quite an incredible life for her I think after that horrible disaster.