Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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It's a bird, a plane, no its a duck

Dogs in my yard last night. Two lovely yellow golden retrievers came in the back gate from the field ... they live along the road a bit but I was down feeding the birds with our little Connor when they came in ... wagging their tails. I hated shooshing them away but they ended up eating the bread I put out for the birds .... before they left...
I will have to close the gate I guess now ... hopefully the ducks which are now enjoying the bird seed as well will just fly over the wire fence and still visit.
It's getting a bit like a menagerie down there. :-) I haven't seen my beautiful deer for a while now .... they will have headed back up into the dense trees again I suppose .. lots of grass coming now and buds on trees and all things delicious to them and the bears. The bears will be out with their new cubs filling up their bellies .... what a life they have. Sleeping all winter and coming out of hibernation so much thinner. Now that's the way to do it... lol

What a waste

that's how much the US government spent on yesterday's fiasco .. flying Air Force One over New York to get a photo op of the Statue of Liberty with the plane in the background. Haven't they heard of photoshop. Good heavens. It proves that money is of no concern to any of them. It could have been put to so much better use. But I guess its just a drop in the bucket as they say an administration now which is spending 2 billion dollars a day...... money they don't have.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Again

Panic in the streets, people evacuating buildings, workers wondering if another 9.11 was happening. Screams and stares.
What the heck!!!!!!!!!!
Air Force One coming in low over the city of New York .. flanked by fighter jets. Now wouldn't you be scared.
I can't believe some moron at the White House approved this "photo op" and didn't think that it would be terrifying for the people of the city to see a huge plane coming in low ....... and apart from the cost of $50,000 an hour to fly Air Force One ... who couldn't have used Photoshop to put the plane in front of the Statue of Liberty. All they wanted to do was take a photograph of the plane and the statue. I hope nobody died from a heart attack, I hope nobody rang their families crying that they were stuck in a lift and a plane was coming ... I hope nobody fell and hurt themselves as they were running away from disaster again. I hope nobody cried thinking of what was going to happen. The panic was real. The sight was real. The terror was real.
Good Lord....... fire the bloke who okayed this...... oh!!! Isn't Obama the Commander in Chief ???????
And his latest acquisition to cabinet is some woman whose name escapes me at present .. who is really good pals with the "baby killer" doctor who performs abortions on babies at 8 and 9 months. Someone ought to kill him. How can you abort a live, beautiful, sweet little baby especially at or near to full term..... isn't that murder. This doctor does it because the mother might be having "mental stress". Oh but wait.... wouldn't it be for the $5,000 he charges each one of them to kill their child for them. I can't believe this is allowed to happen. People will be outraged over this as well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

How Irresponsible and dopey

How irresponsible and terrifying ....
"A low-flying jet used by President Obama was escorted by fighter jets over New York Harbor this morning, evoking fears another terror attack was underway.
The president was not aboard the plane, which was on a government mission to snap photos of the Statue of Liberty.

Several office buildings in Lower Manhattan were evacuated and streams of people were seen rushing into the streets."
How dangerous is that ... how stupid... how terribly ridiculous to do such a horrendous thing because they wanted photos of the statue of Liberty. Why would anyone even think of doing this and what a waste of taxpayes money.. not to mention the fright factor ... imagine sitting in one of those office buildings in other skyscrapers and seeing a low flying big plane coming at you.
Gosh I feel sorry for the people of New York... it could have caused heart attacks, car accidents, people being trampled ... and on and on .. to see another huge plane flying low heading for the city up the Hudson river ....... urgh!!
And we all know that President Obama uses tele prompters every time he speaks.. well it went beserk today I think and he was standing there stuck for words. Didn't know what to say. It broke down and he stood there like a complete dummy ...... He really is just a mouth piece for the person who writes these speeches. I really don't think he can say anything without those prompters. Hopeless ............

Sneak Peak

Sneaking a peaking....
these little sweethears. I love their faces. The first time I saw one of these was in Yosemite National Park on one of my trips from Australia.

We all stayed in cabins in the woods of course .. and next morning when we were heading out ... there they there... not these ones of course ... but others up a tree and wandering around the parked cars and buses.

Little bandits for sure with their masked faces. Since I've lived here in Canada I have began to love the animals even more so than when I lived in Australia if that's at all possible. I'm a complete animal nut. I love each and every one of them. Old, young, ugly or gorgeous ... they are all in my heart and prayers for their safety and well being.

Hanging out with the bears

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I had fun creating these little guys from "Woods of Whimsy" ... the Collection has some lovely things in it even if I do say so myself. I really must get back into creating more bears even if nobody buys them from me I love making them and using them myself. Of course they are inspired by the real ones here in British Columbia, Canada.... which will be out and about now for sure filling up their bellies after their long hibernation. I love them all so much. I told my Brian one day that when I die.. I want to be buried in a place where the deer and the bears can walk over top of me .. in the little cemetery here in our small town way up north. I want the snow to fall on me and the bears to sit if they need a rest ... wouldn't that be neat... dead or not... I think I would know if they were above me enjoying the view. Maybe I'll be looking down ... :-))

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The little bunny in the image here is so pretty. I love bunnies. When I lived in Australia .. as a young girl and even into my forties... I had bunnies as pets. They were varied in colours ... but their names all began with "B". Of course there was Bugs, then Bobbie, Basil, Boots, Burt, and Blackie. They would run around the yard which was all enclosed ... and my beautiful Old English Sheepdog, Boswell, would stand and watch them ... I think he was a bit scared of them ... as he was with mice. He was so big and gorgeous .. yet frightened of a little mouse that one day ran across the deck from the shed. Even now here in Canada after ten years... I still think of them when I'm peeling carrots or corn or taking the leaves off the lettuce ........ they would love all those goodies........... gotta love the bunnies :-))

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No more ranting for a while... Obama is wearing me out. :-) I'm really sick and tired of what he's up to ... I need to stop thinking about his antics. My diabetes is my first concern lately and I'll soon be starting insulin so that's a big deal for me and enough to handle at present. I need to have positive and nice thoughts ... I have more doctors visits coming up and monitoring of things happening to this old body .. hopefully it will make me feel a whole lot better.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama Oh My !!

Gosh I don't know if people appreciate my words about the USA President or not.... sometimes I think I should keep my Aussie gob shut but after today's news about what he plans to do ... I'm stunned. He now figures that the USA has been using torture.... and that the CIA agents who carried out the waterboarding or "putting a guy - who was afraid of insects .... in a box with a caterpiller" should now be prosecuted. He has done a complete turn around on what he said yesterday. Obviously some left wing democrats got to him and he's now changed his mind..... there's talk of even prosecuting Bush.
Does he not remember nine eleven. Does he not know that the "terrorists" in the world ... who by the way we are not allowed to refer to anymore as the "war on terror" ... will have no second thoughts about beheading anyone they capture... Does he not know about suicide bombings killing innocent people and military. Does he not know that the so called torture kept the USA safe from attacks on their home ground for the past 9 or so years. I'm beginning to wonder if he can even think for himself. Of course he knows all the stuff I've mentioned above ... but he seems to care less for the people involved ... which is mind boggling seeing that those rules about torture tactics were instigated with the support of the Democrats.

Where is he coming from ???????? I find him to be so ingenuous. He changes tactics when his White House mates don't like what he says ... can't he think for himself and stick to his actions at least once without back tracking. I feel sorry now for those CIA agents who were just doing their jobs ...... who were trying to get information out of the terrorists to save the USA and the world from more killings and useless goings on that will not stop just because he says the USA now does not torture. In fact they will increase. What a windfall for the terrorists ... to have a guy "on their side" who won't hurt them unnecessarily. And I'm still peeved at knowing that Obama blatently says he's not a muslim when all his family are muslims, he has lived in a muslim country, and he's got a muslim name.
I could go on for ages about this... it bugs me to pieces. Every day I turn on the news and find out something else he's instigating. Like the bailouts to big companies who now don't want the money from the government after they found out that the Government will run the company...... and who now are not allowed by that government to return it. Since when does the Government have the right to hire or fire CEO's. Then there is the New York Times who were told by their bosses the other day not to write anything derogatory about Obama .. stick to the green issues they said.... well what happened to fair media coverage. It seems so many of these programs on telly, or newspapers are so one sided in their left wing views nobody is getting told the full story on anything. Corruption seems to be running wild in Congress ... I'm utterly appalled ......... and feel so sad for the USA ...... he's running it into the ground .... and putting debt on the children and grandchildren for the next 40 or so years. It's like teenagers going rampant with a new credit card knowing they have no way of paying it off.
Forgive me if you are a Democrat and voted for him. I'm an Aussie and all this was so new to me when I arrived in North America and got a 24 hrs news show on the telly .... I just never knew about all what goes on behind the scenes of the USA Government. Wow.. is all I can say and keep the country in my prayers. I love the United States .. always have ... and loved visiting it from Australia some 8 times ... and I sure do worry about it now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

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It will soon be Mother's Day again. I never have a nice time on that day ... remembering that I could not have my own children ... and now also that my own mum is no longer with me. She is buried in a sweet little country cemetery close to where I used to live. She was a country girl and her resting place is a peaceful small area near a field where there are sheep and horses ... with big shady trees. I used to pick a huge bunch of white daisies from my garden to take over to the cemetery for her .... she is in the photo above. She had a stroke when she was just 49 and dad and myself looked after her till she died at age 66. Her left side was paralyzed .. she had a very sad life I thought ... before she met my dear old dad. He loved her dearly and had so much patience when he was dealing with her ........ they are both together now .........